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Requested Ministry-wise PIB Releases.

  • Armed forces in action against the Covid-19 second wave • Govt. of India has so far provided more than 17.35 crore vaccine doses to States/UTs Free of Cost • PM congratulates Shri M K Stalin on taking oath as CM Tamil Nadu • NTPC Vindhyachal charts way forward to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic amidst the recent surge in the second wave of Coronavirus. • Advisory issued for induction of trained AYUSH human resources for clinical management of COVID-19 • Postal department in collaboration with Customs authorities starts helpline to facilitate speedy delivery of COVID related emergency shipments • India-UK virtual summit strengthens STI cooperation • Update on COVID Vaccination Phase-3 • Telangana Government granted exemption to conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) experimental flights of drones • Uninterrupted Delivery of Medical Essentials Continues from Goa Airport • ADDITIONAL DEPLOYMENT OF NAVAL PERSONNEL FROM WNC FOR PM CARE COVID HOSPITAL (DHANVANTARI), AHMEDABA
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Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

  • Yoga to mitigate the hardships of the pandemic • PIB’S BULLETIN ON COVID-19 • India’s Cumulative Vaccination Coverage exceeds 15.89 Crore as Phase-3 of Nationwide Vaccination Drive commences • Threefold increase in production of Remdesivir in the country - Shri Mansukh Mandaviya • Govt. of India has so far provided more than 16.69 crore vaccine doses to States/UTs Free of Cost • Union Minister of State for Tourism & Culture (I/c) Shri Prahlad Singh Patel virtually participates in G20 Tourism Ministers' Meeting held in Italy today • Asiatic Lions housed in Hyderabad zoo infected with SARS-COV2 recovering well. • Ministry of Ayush responds to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about “Ayush-64” • Delhi to receive 244 tonnes more Oxygen Today; With this, Oxygen Expresses would deliver nearly 450 MT of LMO to Delhi alone in 24 hours, counting from deliveries that took early hours today • Union Government Did Not Waste Time in Effective Allocation and Distribution of COVID Pandemi